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          Square Stamping Mfg. Corporation was established in 1926 and has been turning out quality parts for its customers ever since. Starting with a single building in Barneveld, NY we have expanded our production area to 35,000 square feet. We have 35 employees with over 325 years of cumulative experience in the metalworking industry. At Square Stamping Mfg. Corporation we are well known for our precision, on time delivery and personalized service. We are a short to medium run manufacturer and can produce parts in lot sizes from 250 pieces to millions. Depending on the design, we can hold tolerances up to +/-.0005. We are quite flexible in our manufacturing schedule, so that we can work with you to meet your production timetable. When you submit a job for quotation, we would be happy to sit down with you to discuss cost saving suggestions. Also, if you have design or production questions, our technical people are directly available for consultation. We understand that every project is unique and from inception we analyze each step in the process for the best combination of resources and return on your investment.

          Square Stamping is pleased to announce we have expanded our stamping capabilities with the addition of a 200 ton Niagara Straight Side Press. This expansion has increased our stamping capabilities to 200 tons and offers a large die of up to 48" by 72".

          Square Stamping Mfg. Corporation
          108 Remsen Road - P.O. Box 207
          Barneveld, NY 13304-0207
          Tel: 315-896-2641
          Fax: 315-896-2734