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          Our quality control department is focused on providing our customers with a quality product that meets all of their expectations. We work with our customers to determine the critical aspects of a project and keep those at the forefront throughout both the design and production of the parts. As each job proceeds through the facility we train our employees on what and how to inspect parts as they are produced. This in process inspection method has worked well to augment our quality control department and establish more control of parts during production. Our quality control department is equipped with shadowgraphs, comparators, a Rockwell hardness tester, a profilometer, gages, fixtures and measuring instruments to name a few ?all of which are calibrated to U.S. National Bureau of Standards specifications.

          Square Stamping Mfg. Corporation
          108 Remsen Road - P.O. Box 207
          Barneveld, NY 13304-0207
          Tel: 315-896-2641
          Fax: 315-896-2734