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          As our name suggests, metal stamping is one of our prime manufacturing operations. We can work with materials from .005?to .400?using carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, brass, etc. and have capabilities up to 600 tons. We specialize in secondary operations when a progressive die is not a feasible alternative. Since your objective when you request a quotation is only in the completed part to specification we take care of all routine maintenance and tool sharpening at no cost to you. We are currently involved with customers from the automotive, fire arms, cutlery, medical, construction, food processing, toy and motor (stator and rotor) industries.

          Square Stamping Mfg. Corporation is fully computerized with a complete CAD/CAM system and we can work with DWG and DXF CAD files. All of our tools and dies are CAD designed. We can provide digitizing services as well as reverse engineering and computer aided drafting. We can produce prototypes in any quantity using wire EDM and/or CNC milling technology.

          Our secondary operations include a variety of capabilities singly or in combination: drilling, tapping, reaming, countersinking, machining, grinding, spot welding and fastener assembly.  See Value Added Services Section for Complete List.

          Our in-house Tool and Die Shop is well equipped with precision equipment and skilled tradesmen. We have a CNC vertical machining center, wire EDMs, as well as conventional equipment such as knee mills, lathes, grinders, drill presses, belt sanders, etc. 

          Square Stamping Mfg. Corporation offers a variety of finishing operations. Most parts go through some form of deburring operation like vibratory deburring, tumbling or shot blasting. Parts can also be heat treated, plated, powder coated and/or painted. See Value Added Services Section for Complete List.

          Parts are inspected during and after production. Our Quality Control Department is equipped with shadowgraphs, a comparator, a Rockwell harness tester, a profilometer and an assortment of calipers, micrometers and gages all of which are calibrated to the U.S. National Bureau of Standards specifications. 

          So there you have it. We are experienced, we have the right equipment and we are dedicated to producing quality precision parts. We can do the complete job and also offer quite a few unique services. Give us a chance to quote your next job and let us prove what we can do for you.

          Square Stamping Mfg. Corporation
          108 Remsen Road - P.O. Box 207
          Barneveld, NY 13304-0207
          Tel: 315-896-2641
          Fax: 315-896-2734