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          Our in-house computer integrated Tool and Die Shop is well equipped to work with you. We will recommend the best tooling options to accommodate your project and strive to meet all of your expectations. Our Tool and Die Shop contains CNC vertical machining centers, wire EDMs, as well as conventional equipment such as knee mills, lathes, grinders, band saws, drill presses, belt sanders, etc. Our well trained Toolmakers consistently provide the shop floor with well thought out and designed dies. It is our goal to keep all of our staff on board from the inception of a project to ensure our customers needs are met. This also aids in a smooth transition from the toolroom to the shop floor. The Tool and Die Shop is certainly an integral part of our company's success and the success of our customers. We are here for consultation and hope to be involved in your company's stamping projects.

          Square Stamping Mfg. Corporation
          108 Remsen Road - P.O. Box 207
          Barneveld, NY 13304-0207
          Tel: 315-896-2641
          Fax: 315-896-2734